Saturday, July 29, 2006

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Welcome to Heaven On Earth Stress Relief (formerly Live Stress-Free ~ Naturally! sponsored by
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Stressed out to the max?
When your life is filled with demands even Superman or Wonder Woman would be hard-pressed to meet and you suffer under pressure-cooker pressures and high-tech high anxiety, the costs of stress to your health are enormous – anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease to name only a few.
Emotionally, you're angry, frustrated, depressed, and for sure none of these things are good for you or your relationships!
And then there is the additional stress and anxiety, and in some cases chronic disease, that come as the result of the pharmaceutical side-effects of the drugs you're prescribed for anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, etc.
Stress hurts your wallet, too! If you’re lucky enough to have health insurance, the companies are looking for ways to deny your claim, or your benefits are being capped due to the high cost of health care. The price of your co-pay for doctor visits and prescription medications is rising at a phenomenal rate.
Leave the rat race to the rats!
You didn’t choose a stressed-out life, but it is thrust upon millions of people these days. You're smart and want to reduce your stress using holistic relaxation techniques but don’t have the time to research or experiment with the great variety of them to find the one that is perfect for you.
I want to help you get out of the maze and help you find the perfect, holistic stress-reducing techniques you need to live a healthy, balanced, and more relaxed lifestyle. You will feel better, sleep better, reduce your blood pressure, reduce or eliminate headaches and migraines, and back, neck, and shoulder pain.
I can help you reverse months or even years of accumulated stress symptoms in four weeks; maybe even eliminate your need for visits to the doctor’s office and for prescription drugs that often aggravate your problems or create new ones as very undesirable side effects pop up.
As an educator formerly working with Special Education and Emotionally Challenged students in both public and therapeutic schools, my assessment, curriculum development, and teaching skills come together to create the very best stress-reducing plan for you, one tailored to your needs, and one you will enjoy doing. We both know that if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. I work closely with you to design your action plan with stress-eliminating and relaxation techniques you are sure to enjoy.
Exit Maze here - - - >
Your hour-long Initial Assessment is free and may be done in person or over the phone or internet. I help you identify and track both the obvious and the hidden sources of stress in your life.
If you choose to exit the maze and leave the rats behind, I will create and guide you through a plan that includes the relaxation techniques that you will most enjoy, and that work for you in your lifestyle, schedule, and environment. We will meet one hour each week for four weeks, and meetings may be in person, over the phone or the internet. You receive all this for about the cost of one month of just one prescription medication: only $199.00
Follow through and follow up are essential to success, and I will schedule with you to do just that! Along with your personal plan, you will receive my ongoing support because I love to help people Be Well ~ Naturally!
Be Free At Last!

Start with an email to today to schedule your Initial Assessment.

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