Thursday, December 28, 2006

Waiting on that....

Research has revealed that the Blogger folks are on vacation this week...much deserved, I'm sure...but with the store empty, there have been unresolved problems in some people's blog migrations to the new version.

So, holding off the upgrade until after the first of the year seems prudent. New posts will resume after January 2, 2007.

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Here's another great interactive holiday card to play with: click here to Enjoy!
One here to enjoy!


JLB said...

Good luck with the upgrade, and a happy 2007 to you!

Michelle said...

You, too JLB!

caroline brown said...

happy 2007 Michelle. I'm looking forward to seeing your new upgrade. Best of luck with that...I hope it goes smoothly!

Michelle said...

Hi Caroline, Happy 2007 to you, too!

Well, my computer won't start this seems I have a corrupted config file...not a good start to the new year!

I'm on my husband's computer now, but of course none of my files are here, so I don't know if anything will get done today after all.

Darn...and I spent a lot of yesterday planning changes to a new template for a whole new look. It's the same basic template as JLB, but red/gray/white color scheme, I relocated the sidebar to the left, brightened the red, and added some more color...some nice yellows. It will be very colorful if I ever get it off the ground!! :-)

Amit said...

Hey Michelle,

Happy new year, may 2007 bring you love, harmony, peace and beautiful dreams!

Good luck with the blog migration!

Love and blessings,


caroline brown said...

hi Michelle, I like the new look! It's very clean-looking and the way it's sectioned out makes it easy to find things. Congratulations on your new look for the new year.

Geraldine said...

GREAT NEW LOOK Michelle!!! I like it a lot. Just stopping in to say Hi and hope all is well.


Michelle Wood said...

Hi Caroline and Geraldine,

Well, I finally got my computer back on Saturday.

Sunday, I created a new blog to play with before moving my stress blog to the new version of Blogger...I wanted to see what to expect with the new version...but I may keep the "play" blog after all as a place for some of my other interests. See what you think: .

Tuesday, I moved this blog to the new version of Blogger...I Love the post labels feature!...and did some tweading to the format and colors. Now, I'm been working on the last of the meditation articles and hope to have that posted late today or tomorrow morning.

It's so nice to be back online...I've missed you guys! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to get back up and going with some good content soon!!