Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seven things about me

Seems I've been tagged by my friend Geraldine over at Veggies, Crafts, and Tails!

Sooooooo, let's things about me........

1. I love astronomy.

2. I was born on a Labor Day and also gave birth on a Labor Day.

3. I love science fiction and have been reading it since age 12.

4. Related to 3, one of my most prized possessions is a first edition of Isaac Asimov's first published novel Pebble In the Sky.

5. (Before moving to the northwest) I earned several ribbons for crochet and embroidery at the New York State Fair.

6. I'm tone deaf and can't sing to save my life.

7. I've lived in four houses in my life, and each of the house numbers, if you keep adding the numbers together until you get a single digit, reduce to 4: 211, 229, 715, and 1660. (i.e. 2+1+1=4; 2+2+9=13, 1+3=4; etc.)

Update.... elaborating on Number 5, since you asked.... :-)

I can't remember what year these were.....different years, I think, back in the 1980's.

The Camelot Pillow is counted cross-stitch on 18 ct. fabric (trees and bushes are French knots). The design is 174 X 107, and I made my own chart from a picture in a book on castles. I earned a Third Prize ribbon for that one.

The crochet lighthouse is just something I was fooling around with one day - no pattern, just "off the cuff" as it were, and I mounted it to a flat rock using a hot-glue gun. It's a little hard to see, but there is a little brown boat on the rock (left of center) that is also crochet. This piece earned an Honorable Mention.

Last but certainly not least, "Lord of the Rings" fans may recognize this from The Hobbit. It's a traditional embroidery of the doorway to Moria. This one earned a Fourth Prize ribbon.

(The final ribbon-winning embroidery winner is no longer in my posession, but it also was Hobbit-related. It was from a Tolkien calendar, and was Gandalf at the doorway to Moria which I did for a friend. I think it got a Third Prize, too.)


G said...

Great list M!!! That is so cool about Labour Day and LOL...that's a real Labour Day isn't it!!!

Ribbons for your handicrafts, I want to hear/see more.


Geraldine said...

Thanks for sharing M, these look like a LOT of work, treasures forever!

Michelle said...

Hi G,

Thanks for your interest; not too many people enquire into my crafts. :-)

The first item, the pillow, took about 4 months to complete, and it was my "full time" occupation back then since I was a stay-at-home-Mom at the time. Barely got it done in time for the fair that year!! LOL

jen_chan, writer said...

I love the light house. :) And I wish I could have seen your other Tolkien creation. Anyway, people have very interesting little factoids about them. I love the Labor Day connection and the numbers. What made you decide to just add them all up? Maybe all of us should write 7 things about ourselves.

Michelle said...

Hi Jen,

Nice to see you again!

I have this "thing" for lighthouses. I don't know why, I've never lived anywhere near a shoreline, I just like them. :-)

Again, I don't know what prompted me to add up the house numbers, but it was quite the surprise when I did! A friend of mine is into numerology, so we often try to take a look at these significant "coincidences." it's pretty interesting sometimes. :-)

Consider yourself "tagged" to share seven interesting things about yourself, too! I'll be by to see them.