Saturday, February 16, 2008

Excellent Blog Awards!

I am very honored to have been selected twice in the same day to receive an Excellent Blog Award!

These are from two people whom I also respect and admire for their dedication and excellence and information….Caroline at Earth Friendly Gardening and Geraldine at Veggies, Yarns and Tails.

Here are my choices – in alphabetical order – for "Must read!" blogs: I'm passing along the Excellent Blog Award to:

Two by Jade, AppleJade and Arboreality (Two by the same person count as one so I don't go over the limit of ten blogs! :-)

Mike at Cloud Hands: Mind/Body Movement Arts

Caroline at Earth Friendly Gardening: Sustainable Gardening for a Healthy Planet

Ecumenical Buddhism – "An exploration of what unites Buddhism (and Eastern thought) to other more Western religions, rather than what separates them."

Barbra at Home Business Wiz

Derek at Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Charlsie at Manifesting Universe (or Manifesting From The Inside Out)

Hilary at Online Clarity's I Ching

Amit at The Power of Choice

Geraldine at Veggies, Crafts, and Tails


Veggies.... said...

Thanks M, I am honored again! I'm going to check out your other winners too, the ones I don't visit already, that is!!!

Jade said...

Michelle, thank you so much for selecting my work among your Excellent Blog nominees - I'm honored! Your ears must have been burning... I've been drafting a post about the 8-piece-brocade video you recommended last year. It's really an excellent tool!

Thanks again for all the great material you offer in health and wellness.


Hilary said...

Wow... thank you! And thank you for the recommendations, too. (Wearing out my 'subscribe' button here ;) )