Monday, March 03, 2008

Engaged Spirituality Blog Carnival

One of the posts at our sister blog Spirits In Harmony has been included in the very first Engaged Spirituality blog carnival hosted by Beth Patterson at Virtual Tea House.

Beth has chosen some fabulous posts to include in the carnival....more than food for thought, she has provided a veritable feast for thought!

Please pop over and enjoy the Engaged Spirituality blog carnival!


Veggies.... said...

This sounds very interesting, I'm stopping in to see what this carnival is all about. Thanks M!

Michelle said...

Hi G,

Beth spoke at my church recently, and I was given the honor to be the host for her presentation. She definitely has a lot of good things to share!

Veggies.... said...

I found some excellent articles to read, via the carnival, thanks for sharing this M.

My poetry blog is now a reality, hope you and your readers will stop by soon and add link to your blogrolls.


Michelle said...

What a wonderful new blog you have...congratulations on getting it started and sharing your heart with us!