Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is cancer a fungus? The most important video you will ever watch!

Let's face it, with statistics that say one-third of the women in the United States will have an issue with cancer at some time in her life, cancer is certainly a source of stress, albeit a silent one, for many, many women. . . including me! (My mother had two kinds of cancer, so I am very "at risk"!)

The two videos below, at approximately 10 minutes each, are two parts of an interview, and two of the most important you will ever watch in your life, I promise! They are parts one and two of an interview with an Italian oncologist who has cured cancer without chemo, without radiation, without damaging chemicals or drugs of any kind!

This Italian oncologist has determined that cancers, at their core, are yeast infections, and that simple bicarbonate of soda, yep, that baking soda we all have in our kitchen cupboards, will eliminate cancer!

Amazing, absolutely! However, in America today, the doctors are more interested in plugging chemotherapy and radiation than baking soda. I'm sure you can guess why: $$$$$.

So, if you believe this fellow has the "real deal," and frankly I believe him completely, then you must be prepared to make a stand against the medical community and demand this treatment that can save your life and reallu cure cancer, not chemo which is an unbelievably toxic theray and "cures" a mere 2% of the people who receive it!

Not sure of that startling figure? Check out this chart from
(If the chart is difficult to read, click on it for a larger version.)

Only 2.1% of the people who receive chemo live beyond five years! Unbelievable! And yet, this treatment is the doctor's treatment of choice!

Watch the videos and see for yourself!

If you want to know what to do about fungus, here is a website that has some fantastic, holistic info on how to recognize and overcome fungal infections that you may not even know you have: Holistic Health Solutions.

I have to say that I have recognized a few of these symptoms in myself, and I believe that it is because there are so many hidden sugars and carbohydrates in our diets that it is difficult to avoid them unless we go a wholly holistic and organic route in the foods we eat! (Yeast thrives on sugars and carbs. Please follow the link and see how you can avoid these problems! Holistic Health Solutions)


Geraldine said...

This is just excellent Michelle. I watched both videos and what this Dr. is saying makes a lot of sense. I am going to pass this post along, via link to a blog friend who tragically just went through breast cancer surgery at a very young age.

Geraldine said...

PS: On a totally unrelated topic...

Hope to see a post on natural alternatives for cosmetic and skin care products, at your blog, in the future. Ive been using sage rinses on my hair and it's working great (albeit gradually) to cover up the greys and evening out all my hair to a lovely dark brown with slightly red highlights. No more dangerous hair dyes for me, ever!

Michelle said...

hi G,

Yes, it makes a lot of sense to me also, especially when you consider that about 80% of packaged foods contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.

The manufacturer claims it's "all natural," which I doubt, but even so, its a lot more sugar than has ever been in our diets over such an extended period of time.

I'm so sorry for your young friend. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Michelle said...

Thanks for letting me know that the sage is working! That's fantastic!

I will try to discover some more great, holistic, health and beauty products. Especially, I would like to find substitutes for shampoo and hair conditioner since most of those contain parabens which have been found to be unhealthy.

Here is a good one, though....a friend showed me this one a couple months ago, and I'm liking it: I'm using 100% pure vegetable glycerine to wash my face.

It's a liqid that comes in a 16 ounce bottle. It's moisturizing, softening, and does an excellent job of cleansing. I happen to be using a brand called NOW Personal Care which I found in the local natural health food store. I highly recommend it!

Geraldine said...

What is your opinion of castile shampoos and soaps? I really like the results and the ingredient lists I've checked on the ones I've used were better than most brands (including from the health food store).

I am getting some good feedback from the people I forwarded the links to but some ???ing too, which is fine.

Why do people always assume that the 'cures' have to be difficult, dangerous and elusive? In my experience the real life-savers have been so basic, SAFE and accessible. It just takes an open mind and not accepting the first 'answer' as the only one.

One more question, do you know the new name of the former NewsTarget site? I use to get a lot of great info. from there. I know they had a name change somewhere along the way...

Thanks M, for your continued work in getting the word out. It is so important and it is so appreciated.


Michelle Wood said...

I don't have any personal experience with castile soaps, but I have heard that they are very mild and perfectly safe.

I so know what you mean about simple and safe and effective as opposed to complicated, difficult, and dangerous.

Sadly, we are taught to mistrust most things that are simple as "old fashioned" or "old wives' tales" and yet science has proven again and again that many of these cures are far more safe and effective than the technolocially advanced products that do not take into account the whole-body reaction.

Case in point: last winter, many articles came out about the effectivness of honey to mitigate the symptoms of colds at the same time it was being reported that over-the-counter cold remedies should Never be given to children!

What could be more safe and effective than a teaspoon of honey! And yet, people question its effectiveness because it isn't a drug that was cooked up in a lab. That, to me, makes it much better than most of the OTC products!

NewsTarget is now Natural News at
New name, same great site with holistic healt info!

Geraldine said...

Thanks for the update re: NewsTarget and I look forward to a natural cosmetic post here, in the future. The sage saga continues...LOL, great results, albeit gradual.