Friday, March 13, 2009

Stress Relief Tip 13 March 2009

Here is your Heaven On Earth Stress Relief Tip for this Fabulous Friday the 13th!

Do one thing at a time!

In our fast-paced and hectic world, it seems like a good idea to be able to multi-task, doesn't it? Multi-tasking has almost become a survival skill!

However, it takes a toll on your stress levels and your sanity. The number of "mental health days" taken from work these days is staggering! Unfortunately, many of those days are unpaid, too, and that raises those stress levels even more because your bank account may be stretched to its limits. You don't need a day off, but you Need a day off!

The other thing is, it's really very disruptive to your ability to get anything done when you are forced to flit hither and thither doing little bits of this and that. You aren't doing yourself any favors by juggling all those balls, and someday one is going to drop, and it's going to make a big nasty splat.

Do yourself a huge favor and be mindful. Work on only one thing at a time, and do it to perfection. You will be less harried and much happier, and your stress levels, not to mention stress hormones, will allow the clear-headedness you need to get things done in a way you can be proud to call your best.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Geraldine said...

Be mindful! How often do we forget to make this a priority. I am a confirmed multi-tasker, I actually enjoy it. At the same time, I know the cons of doing too much at once, especially difficult tasks or ones I'd rather not have on my to do list. I will try to keep your good advice in mind, during this coming week and beyond. Thanks M and Hugs, G

Michelle Wood said...

Hi G,

I do it too, and for some reason, in the past, it wasn't so stressful.

However, today people are expressing that there are just too many demands made upon them and the "multi" part has grown to more than can sanely be handled over the long term.

It's easier to adapt from a position of doing one thing and taking on another one than from the position of doing three or four things and taking on another one. That's when the stress and overload takes its toll.

Hugs back to you!