Friday, August 07, 2009

Creative Health Tip 7 August 2009

Today's Creative Health Tip is about Awareness

We all tend to gather in groups of like-minded people, so it wouldn't surprise me if many of you are fans of positive thinking, creative consciousness and other "your thoughts and emotions create your reality" techniques.

Maybe you've read books by Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, or Ester and Jerry Hicks. If so, you know they all offer similar advice: be aware of your thoughts for your thoughts are vibrations and whatever you think about with strong emotions is what you will create in your life!

Whether your creation is favorable or unfavorable depends largely on those strong emotions. Emotions like anger, guilt, and fear will create unfavorable life experiences and physical disease, while emotions like hopefulness, happiness, and appreciation will create wonderful experiences and physical vitality.

The important point I want to make this week is that you must be very alert and aware of your thoughts! Several times in the last few days, I've spoken with people who are very knowledgeable in these co-creative processes, say they understand the need for positive thoughts and emotions, and yet all they did was grumble about all the negative events in their lives.

While it sure is ok to vent once in a while, if you spend too much time venting the negative, it gains momentum and comes back to haunt you when you least expect it, and least desire it.

Throughout the day, check in with yourself, and examine your emotions: are you stressed, happy, or bored? Be aware of the path and pattern of your thoughts: do you like what you are doing, or do you wish you were somewhere else, or are you getting ready to take what you're doing and toss it on the trash heap?

When you have a string of negative thoughts or emotions, acknowledge them but don't dwell on them. Instead, try to turn them around into something positive. Doing this will raise your vibration and let you manifest things you like and want instead of attracting all those things you are trying to avoid!

Have a great weekend!


Jade L Blackwater said...

Hi Michelle, I like your new blog. It's so nice to hear from you directly!

You're right - lots of people advocate "positive thinking", but seem to fail to walk the talk. Thanks for the friendly reminder of how energy follows thought.


Michelle Wood said...

Hi Jade,

Wonderful to see you again!

Yes, I have become very involved with the various aspects of the mind-body creative process.

Positive thinking, hand in hand with positive feelings and beliefs are the key to success in this area! :-)