Monday, November 16, 2009

Creative Health Tip November 16 2009

Today's tip is about using Imagination and Inspiration

Do you realize that there isn't one thing we have today that was not first created in someone's imagination. Just think about that for a minute…..every single man-made thing we have, from spoons and forks to space shuttles, started as a gleam in someone's eye! Here is the best part: once the eye "saw" the creation, the mind opened to the inspiration of how to accomplish the idea or manifest the project.

I call this the "Ah-ha! Instruction Manual." It's the inspiration that delivers into your mind all the diagrams and instructions on how to manifest your idea into physical reality.

You can do this with wellness, too. Your body is the creation of your mind and emotions.

Use this creative connection to spend time every day imagining your increasing wellness. I do not advise trying to go from where you are, presuming you are unwell, to imagining perfect health. For one thing, there really isn't any such thing as "perfect health!" Every moment of the day, your body is regenerating, disposing of used cells, creating new ones, and your immune system is working to protect you from whatever bacteria or virus you've just been exposed. You never reach perfection; health and wellness is an ongoing process!

So, each day, spend time using your imagination to create wellness. You may even use a statement or affirmation that you repeat (and say it out loud, please!) that goes something like, "Every day, I feel happier and become more healthy and strong." Repeating your statement out loud gives it even more power and believability than just reading it.

Here is the Inspiration part: once you have made this statement and commitment to your wellness, it will "suddenly occur" to you to do things. This may include changing your diet to organic foods, or eliminating dairy, or eating more whole grains. You may also be inspired to start walking outdoors for 15 or 30 minutes a day, or to go swimming twice a week, or visit with friends more often, go to lectures at the library, or engage in some other activity you enjoy, some activity that makes you Happy!

I stress happy because feelings are a crucial aspect of how this Imagination/Inspiration program works and how you create wellness. You simply can't create wellness when you are feeling fear, depression, anger or other negative emotions. When you feel unhappy, your body reacts with stress which immediately undermines the immune system and produces a host of other unhealthy physical reactions. Happiness restores immune system strength and helps your body to engage in health-restoring activities, both inner activities like the increase of revitalizing hormones, and outer activities like choosing good nutrition and lifestyle habits.

For a little while every day, remember to use your imagination to create wellness, and let inspiration be your guide on how to there from here!

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