Saturday, September 02, 2006

5 A Day

"5 A Day" is a guest article by Amit from The Power of Choice blog. The five simple but very effective things outlined below will not only keep your soul or spirit happy, but will go a long way toward helping you to manage your stress.

In the
UK, there has been a recent campaign to promote the eating of 5 fruits and veg a day to maintain a healthy body. That’s great, everyone wants their body to stay healthy and everyone knows how to create a healthy body and yet they will continue to eat poorly. They don’t realise the damage they’re doing by eating junk food on a daily basis.

Looking after the body is incredibly important but there is also a “5 a day” rule for keeping your soul or spirit healthy! :)

1) Meditation or prayer: - Some would say that meditation and prayer are two different things but I say that both those actions can create the same result. What do we do during prayer or meditation? We create thoughts, listen to ourselves, initiate a conversation with God, work on our self development. Either way, whatever your preferred choice of method, Meditating or praying every day will create a balance within the self.

2) Smile: - A smile goes such a long way. Give a smile to a stranger. Or if you’re not feeling confident enough about smiling at strangers, smile more with the people around you. Smile and initiate a conversation with someone at work that you’ve never met before, you will be amazed at the reaction you will get! A smile creates warmth and love in your surrounding environment.

3) Laugh: - One of my links you will see on the right links to a site about “Laughter Yoga!” Laughter is such a beneficial thing for the mind and body alike. It’s a release but also it supplements greater energy and zeal. Laugh as much as you can during your day, tell others a joke and make them laugh. Laughter is contagious! Also check out the “Motivational Humour” blog for further information on employing more humour and laughter in your daily life.

4) Give: - What you require for yourself, give to another. If you want happiness, give happiness to another. If you want peace, give peace to another, if you want understanding, give understanding to another. The more you give the more you will receive. The giving must be without expectation and must also be a humble and genuine gesture out of love or compassion for the people around you.

5) Appreciate: - Appreciate all that have and all that you are. We, as human beings, have a wonderful gift. A gift to experience anything that we choose. If you are blessed with abundance, then appreciate all that you have. Supplication closes the door to abundance whereas appreciation creates even more abundance.

So remember to meditate, smile, laugh, give and appreciate throughout your day to create a powerful and uplifting day for yourself every single day.


amyrosaquintana said...

Thank you for this article, Michell. I feel the same way you do about Prayer and Meditation, being the same concept really.
Thanks for this uplifting information.

Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

What a great list and so true! Thanks for sharing Michelle.

Huggs, G

Amit said...

Thank you once again for posting this up Michelle, I hope everyone enjoys and I will be doing a follow up article to this very soon!

Best wishes,