Monday, October 30, 2006

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I've arrived at my winter digs in good condition, settling in, and most important the computer works! :-)

A note: comments are being added, but the number of comments below a post has not been updating the past few days, at least not on my computer. (The post below this one says "2 comments" but there are actually 4.) Blogger has been undergong a lot of maintenance lately, so perhaps that will sort itself out soon, or it's something peculiar to my last post and it won't be a problem in the future. (Anyway....) [Update: it appears to be updating now. :-) ]

Have been looking into some of the info you all left on that last post, located the Folk Medicine book but unfortunately couldn't track down the Diet of 9 Healthier Societies though I tried a few different variations on the title. I will keep trying, though.

I did find this book on the topic of diet/location, though it appears to be a $90 textbook about people native to New Guinea: Plants and Indigenous Medicine and Diet: Biobehavioral Approaches (Hardcover) by Nina L. Etkin "Investigations of medicinal and dietary plants play an important role in elucidating the dynamic interrelationships between the quality of human health and features of the physical and sociocultural environment."

Caroline, I checked out your article and research on the lack of nutrients in food....great info. It makes me wonder if the vast numbers of eating disorders we've seen in the past few decades are a result of lack of nutrients....a mad cycle of greater consumption to get more nutrients (because the body craves what it needs) but it's too much food to consume and so the body must deal somehow with the extra, emply calories. That's a scary thought.

I hope to have more on this topic later. Stay tuned! :-)


G said...

So glad you arrived safe and sound Michelle (and my cookbook was there, waiting for you too!!!) along with your husband of course!!!

If you ever find that book, about 9 Healthier Societies, I would be very grateful. i would love to get a copy again. I wish I could remember the exact title but its probably 15-20 years since I had a copy. Great book though, that I do remember.

Huggs, g

PS SOUnds like Blogger is having temper tantrums these days!!!

caroline brown said...

One day, a society of beings much smarter than us will look back at the way we lived our lives...poisoning ourselves, our animals, our children, and our land at every turn, and say....WTF were they thinking?!?!?!?

I'm looking forward to following your discoveries on this theory.