Friday, July 10, 2009

Creative Health Tip 10 July 2009

The problem with uploading complete .avi format videos at YouTube has been fixed, so today's video is of a better quality than the last few which had to be converted before being uploaded! Yay!

Today's Creative Health Tip is about Mind Movies

Mind Movies are something that's become very popular recently. A Mind Movie is a motivational and creative tool. Usually, it's a three to five minute video that runs like a slide-show, displaying pictures and affirmations designed to evoke positive desires and enthusiastic emotions which are the key to creating your reality. They include upbeat music to enhance the experience and further boost your feelings of desire and intention to manifest and experience the things you want to create in your life.

To manifest prosperity, for example, they often include pictures of expansive mansions and fabulous cars and exotic vacation locations interspersed with affirmations such as "I have enough money for everything I want" and "I have my dream home" and so on.

Of course there are Mind Movies for health, too, with pictures of people enjoying various healthy and athletic activities like swimming, hiking, even skydiving! The affirmations are usually something like, "I feel rejuvenated" and "I always feel physically great" and "I eat only nutritious food" and so on. There are pictures of healthy foods, too!

There are fancy, professional versions, but you can easily make your own Mind Movie with your own pictures in just a few minutes. Create a new folder on your computer and copy or drag-and-drop into it pictures you want to manifest or recreate. For example, if you would like to lose weight, include pictures of happy, thin people and nutritious foods, and activities you would enjoy doing when you are thin.

If you would like to feel more energetic, put in pictures of people enjoying various physical activities. For an even better Mind Movie experience, put into the folder pictures of you when you were thin, or pictures of yourself enjoying an activity like playing golf or hiking, or any activity you would like to have the energy to do.

To manifest general health or to counteract a chronic health condition, include pictures of yourself as a healthy, vibrant, enthusiastic person, the person you want to be!

To enjoy your Mind Movie, you may play any music that is on your computer – in iTunes or another music folder, or even play a CD or iPod as you watch your Movie. Make sure the music is fun, upbeat, "feel-good" music! This will run in the background.

To start your slide-show, open the folder that contains your pictures and double click on the first one. This will open in a picture viewing program. If it does not start the slide-show automatically, look for an icon or command that will start the slide-show. Your pictures will be displayed in the order they are in the folder.

View your movie for a few minutes at least twice a day. I have heard of some people who watch their movie frequently throughout the day, and they report that they create and manifest their desire just that much faster, so view your movie as frequently as you desire! In this case, more is definitely better!

Have a great weekend!


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