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Eight Pieces Brocade (Baduanjin) qigong class in Bend, Oregon

I'm pretty excited about being able to share what I know about healing, qi/energy, and qigong with people who attend my Eight Pieces of Brocade (Baduanjin) and Eight Healing Sounds Qigong classes.

November 2008 updates

I have dropped the Eight Pieces of Brocade for a while and will be offering the Eight Healing Sounds along with a 30-minute healing Chinese Five Element Guided Meditation for Purification.

March 2018 updates! 

Ten years later....! I no longer live in Oregon, but there are many wonderful teachers there who offer qigong classes. Try searching for 'Central Oregon Internal Arts Association' - this was a list of teachers and classes available in the central Oregon area. 

Meanwhile, here are two excellent video classes to get you started. They both are easy and fun, and offer many health benefits. 

Eight Pieces Brocade

Five Animal Sports

The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong (qi gong means "energy practice") was developed over a long period of time as people in China verified that combining these eight gentle and easy body movements with mental focus and breathing techniques not only cured illnesses, but actually enhanced physical, metabolic, and mental function.
As Dr. Ken Andes, L.Ac, D.Ac. (RI) a licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist, and medical qigong instructor, says: "Here are just a few of the reasons why you should learn the Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong:
  • It is non-strenuous and can be done by anyone of any age.
  • It will regulate your digestion and metabolism, thus helping with weight loss.
  • It is VERY easy to matter how uncoordinated you are.
  • It will stretch and tone all of your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility.
  • It will help relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  • It will make your muscles (especially your legs) stronger.
  • It will stimulate your lymphatic system and help detoxify the body of environmental poisons.
  • It will develop a calm, focused mind.
  • It helps relieve depression and anxiety.
  • It requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • It will make you look and feel many years younger.
  • It will harmonize and stimulate all of your acupuncture meridians, giving you a similar effect of an acupuncture treatment....without the needles!!!"
Does Qigong Have Anti-Aging Effects?
Martial artist Dr. Martin Eisen answers: "Yes. For example, one survey of aged practitioners revealed that they were in good health and appeared younger than a second group of non-practitioners. Their average blood pressure was normal and 93% had normal hearing and good memories. The non-practicing elders had a higher average blood pressure, 25% had hypertension, 50% had vision problems, 76% had hearing problems and 35% had lost their ability to work. After doing Qigong for 5 months, 52% of them recovered some of their working ability and made other physiological improvements." (

Kenneth Cohen, health educator and Qigong Master with over thirty years experience says:
"Qigong has been rigorously tested in controlled scientific experiments and clinical trials and is often used as an adjunct to conventional allopathic medical treatment. Hypertensive patients who take medication and practice qigong fare better than controls who only take the medication. Similarly, there is solid evidence that qigong can improve immune function and mental health, and prevent disabilities that come with age. Qigong acts like Vitamin C, increasing the activity of an enzyme that helps to deactivate free radicals, highly reactive chemicals that promote tissue degeneration and loss of memory."

See the post on research updates, too! Eight Pieces Brocade and Eight Healing Sounds Qigong Research Updates.

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