Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eight Random Facts About Yours Truly

Seems as though I've been posting about eights so much (the Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong) that other eights are finding me, too!

Dr Breus at The Insomnia Blog has tagged me, so here are eight random things about me….

1. I was born on a Labor Day and also gave birth on a Labor Day.

2. I love science fiction and have been reading it since age 12.

3. Related to 2, one of my most prized possessions is a first edition of Isaac Asimov's first published novel Pebble In the Sky.

4. (Before moving to the northwest) I earned several ribbons for crochet and embroidery at the New York State Fair.

5. I'm tone deaf and can't sing to save my life.

6. I've lived in four houses in my life, and each of the house numbers, if you keep adding the numbers together until you get a single digit, reduce to 4: 211, 229, 715, and 1660. (i.e. 2+1+1=4; 2+2+9=13, 1+3=4; etc.)

7. I walk my talk and really do live a holistic life and lifestyle as much as possible.

8. After smoking cigarettes for 34 years, I quit in 2005. If you are trying to quit smoking, don't give up! Keep trying, and if you need help, find a product that will help you quit….not every product works for every person, but if you keep looking you will find the one that works for You!!!

There…probably more about me than you ever wanted to know!

I'll tag Charlsie at Manifesting Universe , Amit at The Power of Choice, Caroline at Earth Friendly Gardening, and Geraldine at Veggies, Crafts, and Tails.

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