Saturday, June 02, 2007

Baduanjin qigong: Governing Vessel Channel

Striking (Punching) With Angry Eyes

The previous channels, as a group, are known as the "Regular Channels." There are also several "Extraordinary Channels," two of which are included in most acupuncture charts. I'll post about each separately.

The Governing Vessel
Meridian: controls all yang channels. I placed “Striking” with the Governing Vessel Meridian because: “This exercise develops the flow of chi from your feet through your entire body and extends it through your hands and eyes.” P. 78, The Way of Energy: A Gaia Original. Upward movement is usually considered a yang activity, so I paired the controller of the yang channels with the upward movement of the Governing Vessel Meridian.

Internal Health Benefits of this position: improves circulation and nervous system, strengthens eye muscles.

Exercise and Relaxation Benefits of this position: works chest (pectorals), back, shoulder, and arm muscles; helps trim waistline; improves circulation and nervous system, strengthens eye muscles.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of this position: it supports the benefits of the yang organs; the Large Intestine, Stomach, Small Intestine, Bladder, Triple Burner, and Gall Bladder.

Acupuncture charts courtesy of Pedro Bernardy and RyuBuKan Dojo. For informational purposes only.

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