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It’s Mind Over Matter


It’s Mind Over Matter

by John Abdo, CFT

This article has been reprinted with gratitude from the American Holistic Health Association.

Getting, and keeping yourself motivated for your fitness lifestyle is a wrestling match every enthusiast experiences at some time or another. Don’t think about throwing in your towel; there are plenty of proven solutions, and they’re closer than you think!

As a fitness consultant I do more than just instructing exercise sessions. I also integrate a variety of mind-conditioning tools which inspire, educate, and motivate each of my students. These instruments train the MIND so the students can then train their bodies. However, in today’s fast-paced cosmetic-driven society there are too many fitness enthusiasts who approach their transformational quests without the right frame of mind, and this leads to failure.

To many of you it is no surprise that there really is a mind-body connection. So when I say solutions are closer than you think, I mean the answers are located between your ears; so listen carefully.

When the mind is conditioned (possessing the motivational power and knowledge that enables one to enthusiastically, and confidently, approach their exercise and eating programs) the body, over time, responds by manifesting its genetic potential; I refer to this as a re-engineering process.

By becoming your own body engineer you literally re-engineer yourself from the inside out. So get yourself enthused because what I’m about to show you WORKS! And let’s begin completing the following exercise step by step:

STEP 1: The first thing you MUST do is understand that it’s imperative that you train your brain so you can train your body. A weak mind will equal a weak body, but a strong mind will build a healthy, lean, and vibrant body. Once you understand this first principle you are well on your way to re-engineering the way you look and feel, forever!

STEP 2: Everyday–and I literally mean EVERY day–you must write out your goals onto a piece of paper, such as “I want to lose four inches off my waist.” If you have several goals, you must commit ALL of them to paper on a daily basis. Something biologically magical happens when the brain can generate a thought and have it record onto paper.

STEP 3: Everyday, after you write your goals down, you MUST read them out loud. Again, there’s a phenomenon that occurs when you profess what you’re wanting. Simply hoping to achieve a goal has no stimulating power. Stand up, assume the role of your own coach, and say aloud with conviction, “I am exercising to lose all this fat off my gut, and you know what, I’m making progress every day!”

STEP 4: How WILLING are you? Write out two lists; (1) itemize all of the things you need “to do” to obtain your goals, and (2) list all of the things you must “avoid.” For example, “I need to take advantage of my health club membership,” “I need to walk every morning,” “need to cut out sugar.”

STEP 5: Make a date with yourself: Treat yourself every week to one meal of your choice. Follow your fitness program as strictly as you can all week, then, let’s say, on Saturday night, eat anything you want.

STEP 6: Seek wise advice from a personal trainer or other health/fitness authority who can assess your current status and guide you throughout your re-engineering process. If you cannot locate one, call the local health club for referrals.

STEP 7: Don’t get discouraged. Everybody, even the pros, slip off track at times. As long as you become steadfast, always getting yourself back on track after being derailed, pat yourself on the back, lift your chin, and re-GO For IT all over again.

Remember that investing in your own health and fitness is investing in yourself, and pays huge dividends down the road. Put it in your head first, then watch your body mold into the image of your thoughts. I’m eager to learn of your progress!

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